Harriet Hoff

Portrait of Joseph Young

Harriet graduated from a BA Fine Art degree at Chelsea College of Art in 2013 then moved back to her hometown of Brighton, drawn back by a desire to be by the sea and the creative, individual community of the city. Harriet uses performance and film to addresses issues of the female form and with an interest in the power exchange within relationships including performer/artist and viewer. Harriet previously worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years as a stylist, designer and editor. She also created and ran fashion workshops for young people at St Mary's Hall school in Brighton which the students worked through a process to create their own outfits by revamping and remaking old clothes. 

Now embarking on a new phase of life and practice, Harriet is finding her art practice is now merging with her experience in the fashion industry and how the two run alongside each other and intertwine. Harriet also works in mental health, educating health workers on dual diagnosis. This has also informed Harriet's practice and fits in with issues of relationship with self and others.