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What we bottle up

Saturday 7th February, 2015

There's a real contradiction in women embracing feminist ideals with the natural tendency that many of us have to diet and calorie count and generally self deprecate  Rhiannon Lucy Coslett's recent article lays this state of affairs bare as she fulsomely admits to what she and other women really feel and do in their everyday lives v what they preach to others.  Take Millie Benson, a young lawyer Coslett interviewed in her article,

No matter how much feminist literature I read and no matter how much I tell all the other women I know how beautiful they are and how much they shouldn’t worry, the next minute I will stop myself having a slice of cake in case my bum gets any bigger

All the more worrying is digital apps n tat the more recent 'does my bum look big in this?  that encourages yet more public opinion (friends and other app users) on whether our shapes and style decisions are acceptable in a bid to be honest and open.  On the contrary it's rife with contradictions too and open to all sorts of pain and uncertainty and yet more lack of acceptance in ourselves and the way we are.

We've been wondering what app or digital self help that we might create and make to propogage the acceptance we hae for each and everyone one of us taking up a a Place at the Table  with The Pantry Project?

~ Sarah

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