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Having your cake, not eating it

How distressing to stumble upon this website for all that it perpetuates in  eating behaviour discordance.

Swallowing is part of life and part of the rich experience of eating. To tamper with this and use science to justify it is beyond harmful and light years away from a healthy holistic approach to eating and wellbeing that realises through its interface of art and food and all that it holds.  Holding things in your mouth and spitting....?!

'TransMedia ( said its publicity will show consumers how they can have their cake without eating it too.  It's all explained on the website

"We will show how dieters can confine that sliver of delicious pumpkin pie or spoonful of luscious rich ice cream to just their mouth," said TransMedia publicist Alexandra Flugel, who is creating a Facebook page for Desserts Cure Obesity and will be posting "sweet tweets" on Twitter.  

"You can swish, swirl or suck on a dessert as if pulling it through a straw, but just don't swallow it," she said. 

"Ignore stares of those around you as this simply aerates the food and pleases the palate by circulating sweetness throughout your mouth, since sweets are mouth foods as opposed to stomach foods," said protocol developer Charles Weiss, who bases his protocol on science. 

The 89-year-old slim and fit resident of Century Village has created the website and protocol in an altruistic desire to spread the message that "you don't have to swallow desserts to enjoy them and then pay the heavy price of obesity." 

"I'm not looking to make money or sell a product," he said. "I just want to help people to avoid obesity and live a longer, healthier life."  

Now this, I can't swallow, but to be sure i'm going to have my cake and eat it!



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